(I've had the most wonderful two days with [livejournal.com profile] reima in Glasgow but I'm home now, unfortunately, although I plan on going back through on Monday if I can. It's been epic and I'll post more about it later).

Few things I need to say.

I don't know how much you guys have heard about the Fergie and McGregor situation. But, as it stands just now, both have been banned from playing for Scotland for life; both have been suspended from Rangers for two weeks and most reports are stating that their Ibrox careers are effectively over: they have both been placed on the transfer list for the summer; Barry Ferguson is no longer captain of Scotland or Rangers.

Honestly? I'm numb. Everything has been blown so much out of proportion. Yes, they shouldn't have gotten that drunk on Sunday and that display on Wednesday was so far out of order it's incomprehensible. But, as Davie Weir said about Barry, it's not like he's killed anyone, there's no need for this vilification in the press. He's made a couple of stupid decisions in the past week and in so doing as proved all his critics right, thats not the Fergie we know.

Both of them have dragged Rangers through the mud in a way that we could have really done without right now, the situation at the club is bad enough without this happening. We've now lost, effectively, our two best players right at the time we need them most, this on top of the atrocious injury situation at the moment makes it feel as though we've just handed Celtic the title on a silver platter. We're being made out as a national joke at the moment and it hurts, really fucking hurts.

All that said, I'm still 100% behind Barry, yeah I'm disappointed and yes I feel let down by the man who until a day ago was the captain of both my club and my country. But he's been (as cheesy as this sounds) my idol for far too many years now for me to jump on the hate-fueled bandwagon. If he leaves football altogether (which has been hinted at) or goes to another club (there's three interested at the moment) then he has my full support whatever he does.

I hope and I pray that the rest of the lads are going to be able to get their heads down, get on with it and prove the entire fucking nation wrong. Prove that we're not a joke. Prove that we're not a team filled with prima-donnas and ego-inflated idiots.
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