Forgot your own initials did you, love? Wonder if Kyle ended up with Kris' jersey then.... I have too much time on my hands if I'm thinking about these things...

+ I got tickets for the cup final!!! Get in!! Just hope I'm well enough to go, as it stands just now I barely think I'm going to make it for the game on Sunday. Here's hoping.

+ I got an invite to the end of season awards dinner thing at Forfar Athletic this weekend, would have been pretty good I think but I'd probably cough up chunks of lung all night so had to decline.

+ Didn't get tickets for Download. They've not sold out once in ten years and the one time I had to leave it till last minute because I have no money they do. Shit happens I suppose but I'm pretty gutted. So, unless eBay comes up with the goods, I now have a week free 9th-16th June with fuck all to do. Any ideas?

+ Was planning on getting a new tattoo this week, don't think I'm fit for it though, it might just finish me off so I'll have to wait.

+ I spent an hour this morning crying over reports in the papers that Barry is going to go to West Brom. I just can't seem to get my shit together when it comes to that man. Pathetic I know but it really does break my heart.

+ I have to go to the Post Office later with about 20 things to send to various parts of the world. They really hate me in that place.
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