Accepting/Not Accepting

+ 20.
+ Student (English Literature and Visual Arts).
+ Scottish.
+ Football Daft
+ Life goal is to work at The Daily Record (aka The Daily Rangers)
+ I don't do politically correct.
+ Opinionated.
+ Can't be bothered with moaners (tims) or lying. 
...or arselickery, possibly the worst of them all.
+ I drink too much. I make no apologies for that. It's my liver and I'll fuck it up if I want too.
+ I don't like drugs. Prescribed or illegal. I'd say its because I don't like that shit in my body but given my previous statement that wouldn't make much sense now, would it?
+ I don't like being told what to do. Hence why my plan of joining the RAF went to pot.
+ The higher the heels the fucking better.
+ I get into the most fucked up situations. 
+ My language is atrocious. I blame it on being Glaswegian. fact I blame most of my behaviour on being Glaswegian. 
+ I've lived on the east coast a long time now. I fear I'm turning into one of them.
+No sense of direction
+ No common sense whatsoever
+ My boyfriend says this about me: "For being stupidly smart, you're actually kind of a retard." I love him too.
+ Follow Follow
+ When I hear about the kids who chose a religion because of football, I think a part of me dies inside.
+ I'm a barmaid. And a fucking good one at that.
+ I love tattoos and I have quite a few.
+ I'm not perfect, but pretty damn close.
+ Almost (almost) everything I say is tongue-in-cheek. 

+ Rangers Loyal.
+ My favourite place in the whole world is Ibrox. It's not been unknown for me to drive the 100 miles back down to Govan just to sit outside the ground for awhile. Like a mental person.
+ I adore the Rangers Reserves. Any chance I can get, I go to see them. 
+ Not had a season ticket for years due to work. Guess who got a new job just so she can go see her boys every weekend again?
+ I'm one of those people who hang around outside Murray Park in the pissing rain.
  +Generally I couldn't give a flying fuck about the English Premier League.
+ My worst nightmare is the Old Firm going down South.
+ Favourite players are Boydy, McNacho McNovo and Fergie. Of all time it's got to be Super Ally, doesn't it?
...but I have a massive soft spot for wee Aarón
+ I think how the Scottish press treated Barry after "Boozegate" was fucking disgusting.
+ The bias in the Scottish, actually nay the World, press towards the Green half of the Old Firm irritates me beyond belief.
+ I detest people who spout forth all sorts of bullshit about sectarianism etc in the Old Firm when they have no idea what they're talking about. Especially when they're not even from fucking Glasgow. STFU.
+ I don't get it when people support more than one team in a league. Each to their own and all that but, in my mind, it makes fuck all sense.
+ It irks me when people think the only aspect of Scottish football is the SPL, even worse is those that narrow it down to just the Old Firm.
+ The SPL is the most fucked up, but the most amazing league in the world.
+ I'm still completely baffled by Annan Athletic.

+ Completely obsessed with horror films, the more fucked up the better.
+ The Spaniards do it best.
+ If America have remade a foreign horror film I just pretend that it didn't happen.
+ I've not paid the slightest bit of attention to anything thats come out of Hollywood since about 1981. 
+ B-Movies are the best.
+ My favorite films include: Blue Velvet, Audition, Ichi the Killer, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, The Hills Have Eyes, Switchblade Romance, Angel Heart, Angel - A, Do The Right Thing, Ran, Psycho, Fight Club, Se7en, Sunset Boulevard, All About Eve, The Asphalt Jungle, Some Like It Hot, Ikiru, Rashomon, Ong Bak, House of Flying Daggers, Braveheart, Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai, A Tale of Two Sisters, The Beach, Romeo + Juliet, Stagecoach, The Wickerman, Frankenstein, Dracula, City of God, Suspiria. But there are so many more, those are just of the top of my head.
+ Favorite directors: Kurosawa, Lynch, Argento (his early work at least), Wilder. 
+ The only remake I have ever liked was Rob Zombie's version of Halloween, which was actually superior to the original in many ways.
+ I detest Tarantino, I think he's a talentless hack. 
...I'm retracting my previous held opinion of Roth, slowly but surely I'm warming to him.
...I still hate Tarantino though. Him and his chin. 

Journal/Friending Policy
+ Feel free to add me but please comment here as it freaks me the fuck out when people add me out of the blue.
+ I'll probably add you back, unless you're a complete spod.
+ Tell me a bit about yourself though so I'm not just adding usernames not knowing anything about them.
+ This is a slash friendly journal, even if there isn't much of it.
+ I'm not really that involved with fandom anymore. I keep myself to myself. that's it.

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