So Scott Brown can be involved in the bullshit drinking sessions of last week with no repercussion for it then not even a week later be involved in shouting abuse at Rangers fans and kicking up trouble on a train from Newcastle (that irritating little cunt McGeady was there and all) and still nothing happens to him?

Seriously. Fucking seriously?

This is getting well beyond a joke. All hail Celtic the fucking saint's of the premiership, is that it now? Because they can do no wrong even when they do? It's complete fuckery and I'm sick of it. I'm not even trying to defend what Fergie and Allan did because you can't, they did wrong and they're facing up to the consequences (even though it was a punishment that didn't fit the crime) but...fucking hell. It's like they've all just gone completely fucking batshit at exactly the wrong time. 

Jeezus. Fucking. Christ.


Looks like Fergie's going to be going to Australia if anything, there's about three teams over there interested in him. Still can't believe this is happening. How the hell can he move to Australia he got homesick when he was at Blackburn for fucks sake never mind going 10,000 miles away. 

The reserves are away at Motherwell today, they've been doing really well recently. Totally proud of them. Just as well they've been doing well since most of our first team are falling to bits or banned so we're gonna need some of them to step in I think. 

Talking of injuries. Miller's going to a specialist in London to see about this really fucking annoying hamstring problem. I don't think he's going to be back before the end of the season to be totally honest, it's fucked up pretty bad and the two internationals didn't help at all. (Or the "sticky pitch" eh Kenny *wink wink*). Lafferty's still injured, don't think he's going to be back soon either, delicate little flower that he seems to be. Captain Kirk and McCulloch are both still injured as well, although should be back soon...although saying that, they've been saying Broadfoot will be back next game for the past three....



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