I got more work done again today in another two hour sitting. Just need another two or three hour sitting and it'll be all done. Under a cut because as it is of ma thigh it might be NSFW and I'm sparing those of you who just don't want to see another goddamn tattoo ;)

There's no colour by the way, the redness is just blood and ouch. We (when I say we, I mean Steve) decided that we're going to add some colour afterall though, in the cherry blossom. The initial idea was just to leave it greyscale but a wee bit of colour here and there is gonna look "fucking mental". I included the oh so glam cling-film pic this time 'coz its awesome and gross.
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Latest: (under a cut because its probably NSFW as it is of mah thigh). Outline only at the moment (and that took two hours in itself). Didn't manage to see Steve last night so I went up early this morning (I've spent 5 and a half hours in the studio today overall XD) and got the design finalised,tweaked and prodded until it was perfect. Didn't hurt too much, the bit nearest my knee was by far the worst (poor Stevie was getting called all names under the sun at that bit) it was more just the dead leg situation going on that sucked. Anyway, I'm extremely thrilled with it and I'll quote Steve here: 'It looks like fuck all at the moment' but when it's finished its going to look gorgeous. So without further ado...my latest ink baby....
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( Jan. 22nd, 2009 01:28 pm)
Remind me never to get a tattoo done on any part of my upper body when wearing white ever again, especially if I have to walk through town afterwards. I'd been drinking the night before and even though it was just a touch-up to one that was looking gnarly as hell I was practically gushing. Looked like a fucking hobo that had stabbed herself repeatedly with a fecking pen or something.

Anyway, at least I got it for nothing (£20 tip aside of course).


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