Sorry I pretty much disappeared off the face of the planet the past two days, I just checked my email and just about passed out over seeing the amount of things I have to respond to. I'll get there, I promise.

Been working double shifts and drinking obscene amounts, these things are not exclusive of one another. (It's practically law to drink behind the bar on Sunday afternoon, truefax). Work's been particularly trying the past two nights, two of the more memorable encounters were: a guy coming into the pub solely to puke in the fucking fire. Then today got racist abuse shouted at me by an idiotic Englishman. Fuckwit. Anyway, there's more but don't want to go into it. Glad to be home put it that way. *shattered*

When not at work this weekend I was next door at the tattoo studio. Just chillin', no other reason. Got the usual 20 questions about the weekend on Fri afternoon and a bitch about various locals at our respective pubs. Good times. Worried and excited about Thursday in equal measures. He's hiding the final design from me until it's "perfect" so I'll see it on Tue or Wed so I can tell him exactly whats wrong with it and what needs changed XD.

Got this done to the back of my neck, crap pic btw sorry, you try taking pictures of the back of your neck when your half cut ;):
It didn't hurt too bad, my friend, Laura, who came with me when I got it done said it looked pretty damn brutal though. Pity, would have wanted to see it.

*sigh* I feel strange.

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