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( Apr. 16th, 2009 08:38 am)
They're back.

Can we draw a line under this whole sordid fucking mess now please? What a complete and utter cock-up that was, as if the SFA weren't a big enough joke as it is. Anyway, I'm sick to the back teeth of talking about it and even more so from hearing about it, so let that be that. 

Can I just ask though, first of all, what you guys think? From outside of Scotland and from the point-of-view of non Rangers supporters. I'm really curious to know what you made of the whole situation. 

So Scott Brown can be involved in the bullshit drinking sessions of last week with no repercussion for it then not even a week later be involved in shouting abuse at Rangers fans and kicking up trouble on a train from Newcastle (that irritating little cunt McGeady was there and all) and still nothing happens to him?

Seriously. Fucking seriously?

This is getting well beyond a joke. All hail Celtic the fucking saint's of the premiership, is that it now? Because they can do no wrong even when they do? It's complete fuckery and I'm sick of it. I'm not even trying to defend what Fergie and Allan did because you can't, they did wrong and they're facing up to the consequences (even though it was a punishment that didn't fit the crime) but...fucking hell. It's like they've all just gone completely fucking batshit at exactly the wrong time. 

Jeezus. Fucking. Christ.


Looks like Fergie's going to be going to Australia if anything, there's about three teams over there interested in him. Still can't believe this is happening. How the hell can he move to Australia he got homesick when he was at Blackburn for fucks sake never mind going 10,000 miles away. 

The reserves are away at Motherwell today, they've been doing really well recently. Totally proud of them. Just as well they've been doing well since most of our first team are falling to bits or banned so we're gonna need some of them to step in I think. 

Talking of injuries. Miller's going to a specialist in London to see about this really fucking annoying hamstring problem. I don't think he's going to be back before the end of the season to be totally honest, it's fucked up pretty bad and the two internationals didn't help at all. (Or the "sticky pitch" eh Kenny *wink wink*). Lafferty's still injured, don't think he's going to be back soon either, delicate little flower that he seems to be. Captain Kirk and McCulloch are both still injured as well, although should be back soon...although saying that, they've been saying Broadfoot will be back next game for the past three....

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( Apr. 4th, 2009 07:13 pm)
(I've had the most wonderful two days with [ profile] reima in Glasgow but I'm home now, unfortunately, although I plan on going back through on Monday if I can. It's been epic and I'll post more about it later).

Few things I need to say.

I don't know how much you guys have heard about the Fergie and McGregor situation. But, as it stands just now, both have been banned from playing for Scotland for life; both have been suspended from Rangers for two weeks and most reports are stating that their Ibrox careers are effectively over: they have both been placed on the transfer list for the summer; Barry Ferguson is no longer captain of Scotland or Rangers.

Honestly? I'm numb. Everything has been blown so much out of proportion. Yes, they shouldn't have gotten that drunk on Sunday and that display on Wednesday was so far out of order it's incomprehensible. But, as Davie Weir said about Barry, it's not like he's killed anyone, there's no need for this vilification in the press. He's made a couple of stupid decisions in the past week and in so doing as proved all his critics right, thats not the Fergie we know.

Both of them have dragged Rangers through the mud in a way that we could have really done without right now, the situation at the club is bad enough without this happening. We've now lost, effectively, our two best players right at the time we need them most, this on top of the atrocious injury situation at the moment makes it feel as though we've just handed Celtic the title on a silver platter. We're being made out as a national joke at the moment and it hurts, really fucking hurts.

All that said, I'm still 100% behind Barry, yeah I'm disappointed and yes I feel let down by the man who until a day ago was the captain of both my club and my country. But he's been (as cheesy as this sounds) my idol for far too many years now for me to jump on the hate-fueled bandwagon. If he leaves football altogether (which has been hinted at) or goes to another club (there's three interested at the moment) then he has my full support whatever he does.

I hope and I pray that the rest of the lads are going to be able to get their heads down, get on with it and prove the entire fucking nation wrong. Prove that we're not a joke. Prove that we're not a team filled with prima-donnas and ego-inflated idiots.
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( Mar. 19th, 2009 09:07 am)
Looks like Aaron won't be staying at Ibrox. His valuation has gone up about £1million since he came to the club on loan (due to the state of the pound), and since Rangers have (to put it mildly) fuck all money we can't really afford the £3.7 to keep him. At least we have him for two years though, its a small comfort even though Walter refuses to fucking play him despite the fact he's been brilliant the few times he's come on. I can see his point in a way, we have him for two years so take the first year to get him used to the club and get him used to Scottish football but now Valencia are saying they might take him back after a year it all just seems a He's a good kid we need to fucking play him while we have him (and pray we can keep him).

A friend of mine mentioned last night that if we sell Boyd (worth £4m) then we could buy Aaron (against the fucking point by the way) but that irritated the hell out of me as well. Just because he's playing in the SPL he's only worth £4m (recent events aside which may, although I fucking hope not, have affected this) had he been playing down south since the start of his career he would have been worth so much more; at least £10m (still "small" figures I know compared to what most people are used to hearing).

I guess I'm just really worried about the state of my club just now, financially more than anything (as well as the usual), it seems like everyday there's something else that is getting the alarm bells ringing. That's all non-football staff been made redundant now. Fucking scary to be honest.

Anyway, in better news. Five of our boys have been called up for the Scotland squad.

-McGregor (who I think should be first choice for our number one (I'm not just being biased) because yes, Gordon is good, but McGregor is better just now. Simple as that and he deserves a chance, he's been fucking spectacular for Rangers this season).

-Broadfoot (who I can't help but just go "aww" and I don't know why). He's just...special.

-David Weir (he's 93 now but he can still do it!)

-Barry Ferguson (now, the amount of SHIT in the papers about Fergie these past two days has been disgusting. He was one of the only ones on the park on Sunday who actually looked like he gave a flying fuck about the game (a couple of really daft mistakes aside) yet he's getting slated left, right and center for not being good enough, being a bully and players not playing just because he's on the pitch (what the fuck is that one supposed to mean by the way?) Nonsense. He's the best we've got to lead club and country, hate how every bugger going starts to come out of the woodwork against Barry whenever we lose something).

-Kenny Miller (first choice as a lone striker, which is quite right and although his form hasn't been great this season for Rangers (for whatever reason) he alone has scored at least half of the national goals of the current squad.

(No Boyd obviously as his toys are still firmly outside of the pram on this one)

+ OMG two weeks untl [ profile] reima  comes over to Glasgow!!! *dances* so so sooooo excited! *g* (we need to talk btw, bb, so I know what bus to get and what hours to get off work).


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