They're back.

Can we draw a line under this whole sordid fucking mess now please? What a complete and utter cock-up that was, as if the SFA weren't a big enough joke as it is. Anyway, I'm sick to the back teeth of talking about it and even more so from hearing about it, so let that be that. 

Can I just ask though, first of all, what you guys think? From outside of Scotland and from the point-of-view of non Rangers supporters. I'm really curious to know what you made of the whole situation. 

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Well, I think the SFA made a mountain out of a molehill. I think having them pay a hefty fine and being barred from Scotland call ups for a few matches would've been better than this whole "YOU'RE NEVER PLAYING FOR RANGERS OR SCOTLAND AGAIN!!!!!11" and then reneging on it when they're needed.

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Oooh, and made them done alcoholism awareness seminars and gone around and spoken to kids in school about the dangers of drinking.

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Hmm maybe. Can't see that happening for a long time though if it does happen.

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They did. And make them look like a bunch of incompetent pricks while they were at it (although tbh we all knew that anyway).

If it had all just ended with them being on the bench for the Iceland game that would have been great but with the hand gestures etc it all just completely spiraled out of control, as soon as the media got their claws into it that was it.

The two things that have bothered me most about it was the SFA and their complete incapability of making any sort of decision and sticking to it and the two players being made as scapegoats. There were 6 players involved that night, not 2. Yeah so some of them went to bed early, fucking whatever. Scott Brown left barely 20 minutes before Allan and Barry got caught and yet he gets off with it. The week after that the same player is almost kicked off a train from Newcastle after acting like a complete knob and trying to start shit with a bunch of Rangers fans. Nothing happens. No, fuck that. This whole situation has highlighted the sheer imbalance that their is in this country in regards to the perception of the Old Firm and it's got to stop. (Sorry OT rant is OT but I'm fucked off!).

Anyway, back to what you said. Damn straight it would have been better than what they did. Punishment didn't fit the crime in the slightest. The backtracking of statements, the "he said" "he said" situation, the sheer pomposity of Gordon Smith all made everything one thousand times worse than it needed to be. It turned into a fucking witch hunt and there was no need to take the players livelihoods away from them.

Thank you so much for replying, I was just so curious to know what everyone outside of Scotland thought about what was going on. ♥

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LOL, you're welcome. any chance to exercise my opinion. XD

It was just ridiculously bullshit.

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I did think they made alot out of very little to be honest. And my Glasgow-dwelling friend declared it to be 'political correctness gone mad': that where he lives, the two fingers is a standard greeting, and no Scotland supporter worth talking to could possibly have taken offence!!
(Im not convinced this is the general opinion, of course, but he was very upset about how they were treating his captain).
((btw will be posting your ficlet today and its shockingly bad, but I'm practicing, ok?))

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They did. But the complete balls up afterwards with the "no they're not banned" then four hours later "aye they still are" then the day later "only while this manager is in charge"...It was embarrassing. It just went so much further than it actually had to because of the sheer incompetence of the Blazers.

Smith has said today that he retracts what he earlier said off the record to the players about them never playing for Rangers again. What happened before was done in anger but I agree that he had to do something to show that there was at least someone in this fucking country that can make a decision when need be. This has all reflected badly on the club as a whole (more so than what the players did in the first place), thankfully we've actually done alright despite the two week ban (fucking fantastically actually) but it could have severely damaged our chances for the rest of the season. Smith says it was gamble that he had to take but I don't think it was.

As for the two fingers, fuck it. I can see where people are coming from saying it isn't the best example to kids yadda yadda and the captain of club and country shouldn't have been doing it but...fucking get over it y'know. He's still Barry and I still love him. McShagger is still McShagger XD. But offensive? Naw.


You are?! *squee* Soooo looking forward to it XD Bet its not bad at all ♥

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they are on me journal, and there is a little extra something with yours -- which im sure you've already seen, but i certainly didnt mind looking twice!! im really coming round to your way of thinking where mr crosas is concerned!!

i really dont know who's bright idea it was to suggest footballers as role models anyway. i can think of possibly 5 in the world who are worthy of that, and only 2 of them try at it; the others just happen not to be demented perverts!!
But i am glad he's back! Lets just hope the blues form doesnt dip, by some twisted irony :/

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Just read and commented! :D

Any excuse to look at that picture over and over again is welcome to be honest XD. you are? perfect. i'm so confused about him, its like "i love you" but "whai them"? he's got such a perfect little frown on his face all the time and just *squee*. Oh god i feel so guilty talking about him in a post specifically Gers.

Nah, its a bit daft. They're all mental XD
Me too. I don't think he'll play (not actually trained since 20th Marc O.o) but it's nice knowing he's actually in the team again. Same with Allan, he's a smashin' keeper afterall :)

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i maybe take my rangers top in and get Ferguson on the back in celebration.
ilu barry♥

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do eeeeet. i was down at ibrox t'other day at the megastore so was gonna maybe get another barry jersey but i caved and got a fleck one instead!im so weak.

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all my shirts have Ferguson on the back.he's the only person i've ever had printed on my shirts.when i got this seasons shirt i asked for his name and they were all like 'we ain't got it in stock,you want boyd?novo?maybe you can get yer own name on it' and i was like 'NO IT MUST BE FERGUSON OR NOTHING'
my mother just stood there like 'ffs woman'
it gives me an excuse to go to the mega store cause i hate jjb.The people in that jjb store hate me anyway so the feeling is mutual.

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i've had bad experiences with them.We bought a rugby shirt out of there for one of our teachers when he retired and we were gonna get his name on the back.They said 'we cannae dae that it will burnt the shirt' and we were like what?why are you offering to do the printing(it had a sign saying they'll print at the rugby section) and they were dead cheeky about it.
so we ended up going to any sports shop we can find to get it done(celtic shop offered to it cause my maws mate works there but they said it would be spl lettering not rugby lettering).we ended up getting it done but jjb were just arseholes about it

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aw right. thats fell shit like. i've never had any trouble with any of them before but idk.

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They misrepresented Scotland. Smith was right to suspend them, and take away Ferguson's badge. As much as it hurts me and perhaps the team as a whole, I think they deserved it.

God. It still pisses me off, though.



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