So, after a painful night at work on Thursday where I could barely stand and my ankle was the size of the average hot air balloon then stupidly deciding that I would be alright to go to Glasgow yesterday anyway (I wasn't), by the time we got home I was in so much agony I ended up in hospital.


Basically I have some sort of fucked up infection that somehow got under my skin of my's a mess basically. So I'm forced into taking pills for it (I don't do medication usually no matter what's wrong with me but this time, I have too) and not moving very far until it clears up.

Fuck's sake just about sums it up perfectly. But...shit happens.

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*hugs* thank you, love <33

Eh, the people at the hospital didn't really know, I think the words used were "how bizarre" which was more than a bit disconcerting XD. Most likely a bug bite that I was allergic too anyway and then it got made even worse by something or other. Not fun to have whatever it is.


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