In absolute floods of tears because Barry's back. WTF, self?

+ This game is killing me.

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Yeah he came on not long into the second half.

Aw dude, working weekends is shit for football (hence why I got another job XD)

That was one fucked up game though. We don't have Bougherra next week, did you hear? He got sent off for some bullshit tackle. And Laffs is facing disciplinary action for being a twit.

At least we won though...


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WOO!im so happy Barry's back!

my brother's getting annoyed with me,i keep texting him from work to give me footie scores.urgh i hate missing games:(

WHTAT?that is the last thing we need.we only have one game left don't we?fuck this is gonna go to the bitter end:/

HAHA CAPTAIN KIRK AND THE EGG.that is one of weirdest,random stories you could hear.poor kirky:D

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ME TOO!! OH you should have heard the cheer he got. It was beautiful.

Yeah I know. It's bullshit. Aye one game to go and it's at fucking Tannadice of all places. Ain't gonna be a walk in the park that one :/

WASN'T IT BIZARRE? Incredibly WTF indeed. I thought my boyf was having a laugh when he told me lol XD Could only happen to Kirk though, really. Bless him.


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