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I watched Twilight the other day (I don't have any other excuse but curiosity). My fucking God what a shit film. I know I say that about most a lot of films but fuck. Had to watch Se7en just to recover.

I'm not working until 12 tomorrow so I'm having myself a horror night. Got Hellraiser I and II for nostalgia's sake (and because THEY'RE COMPLETELY FUCKING AWESOME), Pulse for the mandatory generic horror run-of-the-mill crap and Ichi The Killer because it's fucked up. Good times.

So, because I'm a curious orange, dearest f-list. What are the best and worst films you've seen recently?

Best: The Damned United and Angel - A
Worst: Fucking Twilight (I still don't think I can forgive myself) and The Stepford Wives was on the telly the other night so I watched it through lack of energy to get up and change the channel. Two words: Fucking. Dire.
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I've heard it's so shit! *snugs* Poor you.

Angel-A? What's it about?

Best: Star Wars, Resident Evil, Hostel, etc
Worst: Skinned Deep. Ugh!

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*snugs* I need them! It was honestly so terrible.

It's epic, honestly watch it if you ever get a chance. It's quite hard to describe actually, it's a French film, a bit of an oddity, sort of a love story but...fucking strange and not creepy's quite off-kilter. Beautifully shot. Gorgeous actually.

What in the name of god is Skinned Deep?
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*hugs and erased your memory of it* How has it done so well?

I shall try *nods* Hopefully it's on soon.

It seriously is the worst thing ever. *shudders*I don't even want to rememeber it

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I saw Twilight on the opening day. it was madness. I was dragged there by my Twilight-loving best friend and I got punched in the eye by some 14 year old girl dressed in black while trying to buy the tickets. I laughed all through the film and people wanted to punch me again because I was too loud. It was amazing. The film was, as you said, shit though.

Lisztomania. Best and worst.

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The whole Twilight thing seems to bring out the worst in people. I don't see the appeal at all to be honest. I've not read the books nor do I have any inclination to do so but...ugh.

I can see why you laughed all the way through it though. If I wasn't so pained by such bad acting and the shitty, shitty editing then I probably would have as well.

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I've never seen the appeal in Twilight either. Not that I've actually seen it or read the books, but yeah .. it's not that popular here so maybe that's got something to do with it ;-)

Horror night! Awesome ;D

Best film I've seen recently is Slumdog Millionaire. Just loved every thing about it. Worst has to be some cheerleader movie I saw on the telly the other day. I can't even remember the name, it was that bad.

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It must just be one of these things that you either totally get or it repels you like the plague. *shrugs* XD

'tis awesome. Not done it in awhile but I fancied it tonight :)

I've still not seen that!! I've had it lying around on pirate since it was released but just keep watching other things instead XD...someday though I will! I've heard good things.

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Agreed. Twilight sucks so bad. Watched it when I was in London, with a friend, and in the beginning we could still laugh about it... but after a while it was just painful to watch. The only scene I liked was the baseball scene, and that's thanks to Muse.

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I only saw the start of that scene before I wandered off for a bit to do something more interesting. Don't know why I bothered going back to it XD


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