secondratestar: (Film: Sunset Blvd)
( Apr. 19th, 2009 08:48 pm)
I watched Twilight the other day (I don't have any other excuse but curiosity). My fucking God what a shit film. I know I say that about most a lot of films but fuck. Had to watch Se7en just to recover.

I'm not working until 12 tomorrow so I'm having myself a horror night. Got Hellraiser I and II for nostalgia's sake (and because THEY'RE COMPLETELY FUCKING AWESOME), Pulse for the mandatory generic horror run-of-the-mill crap and Ichi The Killer because it's fucked up. Good times.

So, because I'm a curious orange, dearest f-list. What are the best and worst films you've seen recently?

Best: The Damned United and Angel - A
Worst: Fucking Twilight (I still don't think I can forgive myself) and The Stepford Wives was on the telly the other night so I watched it through lack of energy to get up and change the channel. Two words: Fucking. Dire.


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